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Carefully tailor your communications for specific international audiences with the help of Asian Absolute, the award-winning translation agency in London.

With subject matter specialists in your industry and native-speaking linguists in more than 120 languages and dialects, we make sure you speak with the same authority – no matter who you want to hear your message.

From us, you will always get translation services matched to your specific needs. We provide custom services which adapt to the scope of your business – and your particular project.

Have us translate your mission-critical documents or your website. Get us to transcreate your marketing so that it really converts. Or provide specialist interpreters for events such as business meetings, site visits and remote conferences.

Whatever you need, you will be getting it from a translation agency that’s trusted by businesses of all sizes – in London, across Europe and around the world – in addition to being a member of the most important industry bodies in the UK and worldwide.

Years of experience



We can help you with

Translation Services

Localise any document or content for any global audience. We have the experts needed to translate, edit and proofread your documents, eLearning courses, software, your website, patents, technical documents and more.

interpreting Services

Communicate with confidence in any language. With groups or individuals. Chair conferences. Conduct business meetings. Get simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for diverse assignments in Europe, the US, Asia and worldwide.

Localisation Services

Leverage the power of localisation to sell in any international market. Your services. Your products. Your brand. Advertised in a way which really resonates with your new target audience.

machine translation

Have us create and train the perfect Machine Translation solution for your needs. For high-volume or short life-cycle text, reviews, internal communications and more, Machine Translation might just be what you need.

Global translation services since 2000


You need to know your message stays the same whichever language or region you target. Asian Absolute was created to make sure that’s exactly what happens.

We might have started out as an East Asian language-specialist translation agency in London back in 2000. But today, we have offices around the world and cover almost every language imaginable.

Our ISO-certified interpreters and translation services combine with our 24-hour service to give you access to local language expertise in any region. For any project. At any time.

Why use Asian Absolute?

Companies of every size and hailing from every industry trust Asian Absolute when they need a translation agency in London, across in the UK, in Europe and on four other continents around the world.

They use us because they know that each of our translation services comes with: 

  • Your own personal project manager: chosen from an award-winning team.
  • Incredibly fast turnaround times: achieved via a 24-hour global network.
  • Native-speaking linguists: giving your communications natural authority and power.
  • Subject matter specialists: in every field and industry.
  • Highly cost-effective services: perfectly matched to your needs and scope.

 Localise your documents, apps, website and more

We provide translation services designed for any and all types of documents or content you might have. This includes the in-house specialists necessary for multilingual typesetting, Desktop Publishing, transcription and much more besides.

The clients who have made us their go-to translation agency in London regularly use us to translate a wide variety of content, including high profile and mission-critical projects such as:

Legal and financial documents

Website and digital content

Technical manuals

Software and app localisation

Video localisation

Multilingual audio content and subtitles

Discuss your project with an expert

Get a free, no-obligation quote on the translation you need today. You’re committing yourself to nothing and you can get free advice about making your project happen in the most straightforward and cost-effective way whenever you get in touch.

 Working as your translation agency in London

No matter the size of your organisation, we create a solution that fits your needs. One that’s just as individual as your business is.

We’re happy to have been chosen by some of the world’s largest organisations when they’ve needed a translation agency in London. But even our smallest clients receive identical on-point, fully informed and informative customer service from us.

What’s more, you can use us in the way which makes the most sense for you. Your specific requirements for speed, quality and highly cost-effective delivery are going to be unique to you. It only makes sense to us that the way we deliver your translation services is often unique too.

All in all, there’s a reason why we’ve been chosen several times as the winners of the highly sought-after ATC Project Management Team of the Year Award.

Translation services for your business

We’re proud to say that we serve a truly diverse, globe-spanning clientele. You might be one of the biggest names in the automotive industry. You might be the smallest-scale software designer you know.

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, we make sure you have easy access to the kind of high-quality translation services which are an absolute must for success – no matter what region or audience you are targeting with your translated content.

With Asian Absolute, your documents or content will always be translated by an expert in your industry. This could mean a current or former professional with at least five years of experience. Or it could mean an expert qualified to at least Masters degree-level or the equivalent. Often, it will mean both.

In short, your specialist translator will always be completely at home using the same terminology, acronyms and other jargon as you do in your industry every day. Because it’s their industry too.

If you need to find out more about the expertise we have in your sector, contact us today

Featured case studies

Here are some of the most noteworthy recent examples showing how our clients have been able to use our translation services to get precisely what they need:

 Native-speaking translators

Communicating clearly and persuasively with your audience requires native-speaking fluency and knowledge.

That’s the reason why every service we provide as a translation agency – in London, the rest of the UK, throughout Europe and around the world – is delivered by a native speaker of the target audience in question.

Because only when a linguist translates into their native tongue can you be sure that your message in that language will be as fluent, culturally relevant, natural and authoritative as your original.

 Getting the right translation services for you

Translation services are often thought of as being the same across the board. Simply a way to transfer text from one language to another. But there is actually a great deal of difference when it comes to the type of translation you might need for a given project or type of content.

To the outside eye, things like translation, localisation, transcreation, transliteration and other processes can sound relatively similar. Yet there are very important differences between them. What’s important is to choose the approach that will get your message across best.

We will always help you get precisely what you need from your project. Whether it be:

Certified translation

This can be called notarised translation, official translation or even Apostilled translation depending on the part of the world you need it for. Official documents in most regions require that either the translator or your translated document itself be certified in some way. We can help you make sure it is.


The process of adapting your text or content to local cultural as well as linguistic norms and expectations is called localisation. Although most people think of translation as “simply” finding the direct equivalent words in another language, some degree of localisation is almost always required if you want your message to retain the same intent and tone for your new audience. It’s particularly necessary for marketing materials.


Often used when translating brand names, company names and slogans, transliteration involves switching words between languages or alphabets so that they can be properly understood. When this is done well for character-based languages like Mandarin or Cantonese, it’s something of an art form.


For some marketing materials and similar content, not even localisation is enough to properly adapt your message for a new audience. Transcreation – often called creative translation – involves a highly experienced translator creatively re-imagining your content for your new audience.

Oral translation

Better known as interpreting, oral translation is wholly different to written translation and calls for linguists with a completely different skill set. We can match you with simultaneous and consecutive interpreters ideal for any event or occasion you might be planning.

The languages we help you target

Asian Absolute might have started as a specialist in Asian languages. But today, we cover more than 120 languages as well as numerous dialects and variants.

From popular global choices like Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic or Hebrew. Through commonly used European languages like Portuguese, Spanish, French or German. Incredibly widely-spoken languages like Bahasa Malay, Farsi, Hindi or Urdu. Right through to the other most important languages of the Middle and Far East, such as Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Our globally-situated offices in Singapore, New York, Panama, Bangkok and Varna ensure we cover the languages spoken (and, indeed, signed) in every corner of the world.

If you can’t immediately see the language you need to target, rest assured that it’s almost certain that we cover it. Contact us 24/7 to tell us about the region you need to target. We’ll confirm that we’ve got the expertise you need standing by.

 A translation agency you can rely on

More than 20 years of providing translation services to companies in every corner of the world has shown us the value of demonstrating to our clients that they can trust us.

That’s why we’ve made sure that we have been externally assessed as being compliant with the vital ISO 9001 international quality management standard. This standard is only awarded to organisations which “consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements”.

We’re also a member of the UK’s Association of Translation Companies, the American Translators Association and – as a truly global concern – our work consistently meets the high standards of official bodies around the world, such as the exacting requirements of the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore.

That’s not to mention our membership of the non-profit Elia association of European language companies, where we’re the resident experts in Mandarin.

 Quality Assurance in translation

Guaranteeing that your translated materials are of the highest degree of quality, accuracy and fluency is the work of our Quality Assurance processes.

Some of the most successful organisations in the world use us for their international communications. They do so because they know that their project will be subject to Quality Assurance measures which can include:



An editor’s task is to boost the impact your text will have. To do this, they work on things like the clarity, tone, voice and consistency of your newly translated document.


A professional proofreader not only assesses things like formatting, spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. They also consider language use and how accurately your newly translated document reflects the intent of your original.


Final checks by your original translator

The full, fluent and accurate translation of your document is a team effort. Your initial translator will always conduct a final review so they can comment on your translated document.

Back-translation and reconciliation

For your most high-value content, sometimes QA needs to go a step beyond even our usual rigorous quality checking methods. Back-translation and reconciliation are in-depth comparisons of your source and target documents to ensure complete parity.

Using the right tools, terms and technology

It’s not just the human translators on our team which have been carefully chosen. We also utilise a selection of the most advanced translation tools and technology in our work. These include:

Translation Memories

One of the key tools for ensuring that terms and phrases are translated consistently both within and across your projects, a Translation Memory is an always on-call database of translated terms.

Glossaries of Terms

We often agree on a glossary of terms with you in advance of your project commencing. This allows us to work together to confirm technical and industry terminology used within it and ensure it is correctly localised for local cultural norms.

Brand guidelines

Your brand undoubtedly encompasses things like logos and colour schemes, slogans, your brand voice and other aspects. We can help you take these across language barriers with you. Helping your brand stay strong and cohesive no matter where your clients find it.

 Machine Translation – solutions and training

Machine Translation engines – highly trained custom software which allows the automatic translation of your content – is something Asian Absolute specialises in.

Ideally suited to high volume projects in particular, Machine Translation requires a given engine to first be “trained” on specially cleaned data. Also, at least to begin with, an engine’s output needs to be post-edited by a specialist human translator before it is used properly.

After training is complete, MT can offer incredible advantages of speed and cost-effectiveness when used for certain purposes, such as when translating:


Product reviews


Internal communications


In-house reviews or research


Software documentation


User-generated content

Discuss your project with an expert

Talk to us today if you think Machine Translation might be the ideal solution for a challenge your business faces. We’ll be glad to advise you as to whether it’s a good candidate.the most straightforward and cost-effective way whenever you get in touch.

 The ideal interpreter for your event

As well as written translation, we make it easy to source just the right interpreter for any event you might be hosting or attending. We regularly provide interpreting services for events such as:

  • Business meetings
  • Site visits
  • Conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Seminars and presentations
  • Medical appointments
  • Court visits
  • Tours and cruises
  • Voiceover and dubbing projects
  • Online and virtual events

The type of interpreting service you need will vary according to your event and purpose. We work with highly skilled interpreters of all kinds, always pairing you with a linguist who is a subject matter specialist in your field and a master of both languages involved – as well as being skilled in the correct field of interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting

This is the kind of interpreting service you might be familiar with from seeing large international conferences such as UN meetings. The linguist sits in a separate soundproof booth and transmits their interpretation to delegates via earpieces. The speaker does not need to stop talking.

Consecutive interpreting

Here, the linguist is a part of the conversation. One person speaks, the linguist interprets what they’ve said. Then another person can speak or the first speaker can continue.

Whispered interpreting

Much like simultaneous interpreting but ideal for when only one or two people at an event need language support. The interpreter positions themselves just behind the person needing language support and murmurs the interpretation into their ear.

Remote interpreting

New developments in the field of remote interpreting apps and related technologies have placed interpreting services within the reach of every size of business. If you want to provide language support for your physical or virtual event at a highly cost-effective rate, remote interpreting – where your linguist is situated in another location – might just be the answer you are looking for.

Talk to us about your event today

Talk to us about your event today. You can get a free quote and more information about getting the right oral translation service for your needs with absolutely no commitment to using us at any time.

 Giving you truly global coverage

Though our headquarters as a translation agency is in London, we have wholly-owned offices spread around the world.

Our local specialists in Europe, Panama, Singapore, Thailand and the US ensure that no matter where you are in the world – or where you want to do business – you can get the local expertise you need.

For example, professional translation services are a vital part of the way organisations in almost every sector of the UK economy operate:

We have enabled SMEs to empower their e-commerce platforms so they can sell abroad much more effectively. We have boosted the international sales of multinational corporations by providing expert localisation and transcreation of their websites, apps and marketing. We regularly translate financial reports and legal documents for businesses of all sizes.

Whenever you need reliable, accurate and cost-effective translations in a short timeframe – and you want to be able to rely on support from your own personal project manager 24/7 – Asian Absolute is standing by to help you.

What our clients have to say

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

Jia was great. Really impressed with her ability and smarts. Would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks for arranging on such short notice!


Asian Absolute helped FTChinese.com in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

Financial Times

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