Widely respected for our translation expertise, Asian Absolute’s DTP / typesetting capabilities have an even broader reach. With last month’s successful completion of testing on Amharic, Azeri, Dari, and Sinhalese we are now comfortable typesetting 52 languages and counting.

There are few rivals to our expertise in the challenging double-byte languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, and South East Asian languages including Burmese and Thai.

In 2004 we expanded our DTP capabilities to European languages, providing the capacity for many of the world’s largest translation agencies to handle high volumes across 20 or more languages.

Our reputation as the agency who can provide professional quality work in extremely challenging scripts has led to regular requests for relatively obscure languages, and our DTP team are continually testing new languages to keep up with client demand.

Asian Absolute’s large in-house team of professional typesetters are experienced in originating fresh design as well as typesetting for translation projects. We advise clients on the suitability of original artwork and suggest amendments to ensure concepts and functionality are optimised for local markets. We emphasise maintaining design integrity whilst accommodating text expansion or contraction – a common issue during the translation process.