With over 34 million people infected, HIV/AIDS remains a global pandemic with devastating consequences for families and communities all over the world.

Asian Absolute enjoys a close relationship with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), whose ‘Living with HIV’ programme aims to reduce the spread of HIV. The programme promotes behavioural change through education, equipping people with the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe and the resources they need to educate others.

When SCB suggested we participate in the ‘Living with HIV’ workplace education programme, we were keen to get involved.

“We were honoured to be invited to participate to this HIV awareness programme,” said Henry Clough, Asian Absolute’s Managing Director.

“We strongly believe that information and regular reinforcement are essential to help reducing the spread of the virus and to end discrimination against HIV-infected people.”

The programme works by delivering education through employee peer educators, called HIV Champions, who conduct face-to-face HIV/AIDS awareness sessions.

Asian Absolute identified HIV Champions in both London and Beijing to undergo ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions at SCB offices. Our Champions learned vital facts about HIV/AIDS, as well as techniques for effective communication. They were given a range of educational resources, and returned to train our in-house team and freelancers.

The educational talks covered several topics, including:

  • The difference between HIV and AIDS
  • Its spread around the world
  • Preventive measures
  • Living with HIV

The talk was well received by our team, who look forward to sharing what they’ve learned with others. As one staff member commented:

“We think we know everything about HIV and AIDS and that we’re protected against it, but it is always good to be reminded of the basics. Sessions like these give us an opportunity to learn more, and we can then share this information with our friends and relatives.”

Being part of the programme was hugely rewarding for Asian Absolute. We see awareness of prevention of both the disease and its social stigma as a vitally important human responsibility, and we applaud SCB for their comprehensive and socially responsible workplace education programme.