Asian Absolute’s Bangkok Translation Office Opens.

There’s something to be said for having a presence around the globe. This is especially true if you’re a Language Services Provider delivering a 24-hour translation service…

Which is why Asian Absolute recently opened a new office in vibrant Thailand. Our Bangkok team allows us to offer more capacity for Thai translation, and a whole lot more:

Thai Expertise, Global Production

Leading the start-up process in Thailand was Julie Giguère, our London-based Commercial Director (at the time) who leads our globally-integrated production teams. Julie spent more than two months in Bangkok, orientating and training the branch manager Pornsulee Eksiripong – and will be returning to visit on a regular basis.

Helped by Julie’s expertise, Pornsulee decided upon a very central location for our new office. The Bhiraj Tower, close to the international hub of EmQuartier, provides a shining landmark for the residents of the city. The Asian Absolute Bangkok office is situated inside.

After opening in Q4 2016, the first stage of development sees the office staffed by two full time project managers and one branch manager. In addition to expanded project management capacity – allowing us to handle more concurrent projects – the new team members also boost the skills and abilities we have at Asian Absolute:

1) Thai Translation

We’ve been providing Thai translation since 2000 and have scores of superb professional linguists on our freelance team, but demand is increasing. As well as in-house translation expertise, our Bangkok operation is speeding and extending the recruitment and selection of Thai translators to help us stay abreast of our clients’ increasing volumes and shortening timelines.

2) e-Learning Engineering

Our new team members also boast strong localisation engineering experience, including in the red-hot e-learning field. As more and more e-learning providers are turning to Asian Absolute for translation and integration of their multilingual courses, our project managers need first-hand experience of e-learning localisation processes. And, as anyone who has run a few e-learning localisation projects will tell you, Thai is one of the very hardest languages of all.

That’s why we’re delighted to welcome project managers to our team who not only have first-hand experience of e-learning engineering, but are also native Thai speakers.

3) Further Improved 24-Hour Translation Services

Working around the clock on the translation projects we manage is one of Asian Absolute’s Unique Selling Points – and one of the reasons that our clients tend to choose us.

Integrated with our teams in the Americas, Europe, Singapore – and precisely coordinated via our proprietary SmartBase translation management system – the linguists in our Bangkok office lend their expertise to the most important projects we have in progress around the world.

The Future of Bangkok

Expansion plans for the Bangkok office are already under way. The current targets are to hire several more experienced project managers, extend our Vendor Management team to Thailand, and to further expand the Bangkok office’s growing specialism in engineering.

Things are definitely moving forward in Thailand!

So if you’re looking for Thai translation services in Bangkok – or rapid-response language services in any part of the world – Asian Absolute’s ability to provide exactly what you need just got a whole lot greater.

Thai Translation Services by Asian Absolute

More than 16 years experience of delivering precision translation services – in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia – has given Asian Absolute a huge pool of talent and language resources to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Whether it’s a Thai translation company you’re looking for, or the 24-hour commitment needed to turn a vital source document into any target language – we’re ready to assist you.

Talk to your local Asian Absolute team now – 24 hours a day – or email one of our experts at your convenience.