We have successfully taken the step up from the old BS:EN 15038 to the more comprehensive ISO 9001 standard. We’re very proud of achieving this much sought-after certification. But as a client or potential client of ours.

What is ISO 9001?

The ISO family of quality standards is a grouping administered by the International Organization for Standardization as a mark of quality management, specifically for “companies and organizations who want to ensure their products and services consistently meet customers’ requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.” 

The ISO 9001 is the standard for which they provide certification. The certification is only awarded to companies who can prove:

  • They deliver a strong customer focus across all services
  • That their management team are highly motivated
  • They’re dedicated to a continual improvement in their approach and processes

How to Achieve ISO 9001 Certification

The certification process consisted of an external audit conducted by a certifying body in February. The external auditor conducted an extensive assessment over a two day period, investigating our quality management system, the processes supporting it, and the management team’s commitment to it.

Commenting on the assessment, Julie Giguère, Asian Absolute’s Operations Director and the person who masterminded the ISO certification, said:

“Asian Absolute’s investment in its Quality Management System, and in empowering employees to contribute to quality, is our ‘magic’ recipe to meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations by consistently delivering world-class services.”

In preparation for the external audit, Julie brought together a highly qualified team who were responsible for ensuring that all the requirements necessary for achieving the certification were implemented. Martin Angelov, one of Asian Absolute’s top Project Managers, was then appointed Internal Auditor, and helped to review all the internal processes to make sure they were fully compliant with the ISO standard.

What’s in it for our clients?

So back to the most important question:

Why should you care about our certification?

A big part of why so many of our clients choose Asian Absolute is that they know they can rely on us for quality, and continual improvement on that quality.

Quality Assurance, in turn, is a large part of how we meet and exceed all of our client’s expectations and requirements. It’s also a handy reassurance for any intermediaries we deal with, as they’ll be able to guarantee to their own clients that they’ll receive the most accurate translations and elegant localisation.

A Quality Management System like this is a great way of providing our staff with clear expectations, metrics to assess their own performance, and tools like tailored processes and instructions with which to do their jobs too.

All of which leads us neatly on to…

What’s in it for Asian Absolute?

It’s definitely good news for our clients then, but why would we as a translation agency go about securing this certification?

For a start, staying ahead of the curve as far as delivering the kind of translation services that our clients need is the way we get business. This means that company improvement, beyond the level of simple quality of services, is a critically important goal for us.

The ISO standard comes with regular mandatory internal audits, which provide a great opportunity to identify and work proactively on areas where we can improve. Plus, who doesn’t like to be told they do a great job?

Asian Absolute’s staff are all very proud of achieving the ISO certification, and it’s continuing to enhance their focus on delivering the highest quality of work and working efficiency.

On top of these benefits, ISO 9001 is really a must-have when it comes to winning more clients. It’s not only a more efficient way to do business, it’s a great way to grow a business too.

Now we’ve achieved it, we’re ready for new challenges!

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