Having a local presence is much better for our clients,” says Eileen Tay, the 20-year localisation industry veteran who was chosen to head-up Asian Absolute’s Singapore branch back in 2016. “The Singapore translation services that we offer focus on banking and finance, life sciences, manufacturing, e-learning, and marketing.

“Just the kind of industry sectors who need accurate translations, and often need them fast.”

Highly Sought-After Translation in Singapore

Eileen’s not wrong. In February 2016 Asian Absolute opened its office in Singapore Shopping Centre.

Back in 2007, the first client we won in Singapore was a leading international bank, and since then translators for the banking and finance sector have been one of our most in-demand resources in the local area.

It was this continuing expansion of clients and volume of business that prompted the opening of our Singapore office. Until then we hadn’t needed a local presence – our Beijing office achieved high levels of satisfaction with our Singaporean clients, and is located in the same time-zone.

In late 2015 and early 2016 though, with our growing client base leading our relationship management team to spend more and more time in the city-state, it became clear that setting up an office which could provide on-the-ground contacts for our locally-based clients simply made sense.

Why Focus on Relationship Management?

Relationship management is a key part of delivering high quality language services. It involves:

  • Being ready to respond to client enquiries instantly
  • Keeping all clients fully informed as to the progress of their projects
  • Managing any emergency additions or changes requested by clients
  • Offering advice and suggestions as to how to get the best service

And in Singapore this is one of our local team’s main priorities, working closely with our project management teams in Bangkok and Beijing. By integrating with our worldwide network in this way, our Prudential Tower office also expands the capabilities of our 24-hour translation services:

Those are what you’ll be calling on when you get high speed translation from Asian Absolute. Teams across the world – in Asia, the Americas, and Europe – work on your project as it passes through each time zone to ensure it’s completed in the shortest possible time.

Does This Mean More Singapore Translation Jobs Too?

You bet! Asian Absolute’s almost always on the lookout for skilled and experienced translators, especially to serve clients who need work translated into Chinese – a popular request from our local customers. There’s also a high demand for specialists in Malay and Tamil, who can deliver effective and artistic localisation for clients who want to sell to the Singapore market.

All of this means that local experts looking for Singapore translation jobs now have one more Language Service Provider to look to. And that businesses based in, or looking to trade in, Singapore have a local translation services provider they can trust for a fast and accurate response.

Asian Absolute – Award-Winning Singapore Translation Services

Asian Absolute provides professional translation services to Singapore, as well as to large-scale corporate and business clients across the rest of Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

Get your latest business communications translated into Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Prepare your marketing for Singapore with expert localisation services. With more than sixteen years of language expertise, Asian Absolute always gets you the results you need on any project.

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