Should eLearning localisation be a strategic priority for your team? 25% more revenue per employee says yes. Here are 5 more reasons to localise your eLearning:

1) Help your users learn faster

eLearning dramatically reduces employee training time. As much as 40-60%. As a provider, you already know this. But did you know that users also learn much faster in their own language? They do.

2) Comply with local laws

Does a region you operate in have specific legal or HR codes? Complying with them can be the difference between success and failure in your new market.

3) Globalise your corporate culture

Show your commitment to your entire workforce. Whatever language they speak. Remove communication barriers and drive your company forwards together.

4) Keep your message consistent

Idioms and metaphors. Slang. Culture-specific expressions. Not even images, icons and symbols are truly universal. Make sure you distribute identical information. Everywhere.

5) Boost your brand reputation

Build your brand’s reputation and gain recognition as a truly international enterprise. With training material in the languages favoured by all of your users.