It’s always nice to be hand-picked. Asian Absolute has been chosen as a member of Eulogia, the European alliance of translation companies.

This is a huge privilege for our whole team, as membership is by invitation only.

In fact, there is only one Eulogia member for each language.

Why is Eulogia membership such a big deal?That one member per-language exclusivity comes with the knowledge that everyone in the group is the industry expert in their field. Not just “an” expert, but the expert.

That is a pretty select group.

It gives us a special collection of peers in the translation industry with whom we can build strong relationships, share knowledge and build on a common set of quality-focused values.Why is it good for you if you’re an Asian Absolute customer?For a start, this is one more reason to know you can rely on Asian Absolute for quality. (That’s in addition to our ISO:9001 certification, awards in project management and references from happy clients.)

There is also the fact that we can now connect you with even more specialists in other languages. Perfect in the unusual event you need a language pair we don’t cover.Which member are we?So if there is one member per language, which language are we?

Well, you might already be able to have a guess as to the continent the language hails from. Here are two more clues…

  • It is perhaps one of the most challenging languages in the world to localise your message into – even if you are a company which normally excels in communication.
  • It was the first language we started specialising in, way back in 2000 when Asian Absolute was founded.
    Yes, that’s right.

Of course we’re Eulogia’s Chinese language experts.