10 Arabic e-learning localisations for the financial sector

Complex subject matter. Precise localisation.

Our client is a major e-learning provider to the financial services sector.

Having successfully worked with Asian Absolute several times before, they contacted us to tackle their latest project:

10 e-learning tutorials on key financial topics to be localised into Arabic.

What challenge did we take on?

  • Our client had a set timetable in mind for the delivery of this project. They requested delivery in two batches of five tutorials each. They asked us to provide input to confirm that their timeline was realistic.
  • As the tutorials were e-learning materials, they consisted of a variety of animated and video content as well as written transcripts. Luckily, our extensive experience in e-learning localisation meant we already had set processes for handling this kind of content.
  • One of our Quality Assurance processes involves checking the client’s provided transcripts against the video content to ensure we would be localising matching information. This is something that would prove of key importance in this project.
  • The technical nature of the tutorials – including subjects like equity, derivatives, forwards and futures – called for linguists with financial expertise. As always, we would need to source native-speaking linguists with relevant industry qualifications and experience.
  • The project would need to be tested on our client’s three standard platforms – Windows 10 (Internet Explorer 11), Chrome, and Safari (iOS13).

How did we prepare?

The first step was to confirm the client’s requested timeline and finalise a quote. At our client’s request, we were sure to build in a contingency to allow for a possible later need to change some images to be a more natural cultural fit.

Simultaneously, our linguists began to review the tutorial files. This vital step ensures that the localised versions will be clear and accurate – something that is even more important than usual for e-learning content.

The potential errors our linguists found were only tiny. But they could have made a huge difference if not caught:

  • A narrator saying “liquid” and the on-screen text saying “illiquid”
  • Highlighted numbers being different – “100” versus “110”
  • A missing bracket and plural “s”

We also identified an animation that did not have a transcript. This meant we were able to offer our client their choice of what the solution should be. As Asian Absolute also offers professional transcription services, the potential solutions were wide-ranging.

What did we do?

After confirming the detailed schedule and that our client was happy with the quote, we proceeded with the localisation.

  • The initial task was to produce a glossary of terms specific to the project and get our client’s approval on it.
  • We had also agreed to provide a sample of localised text for our client’s assessment. We selected a text section rich in technical terms and sent both the localised version and glossary for their review.

Following a round of feedback on the glossary and direct approval of the sample text, we proceeded with the two batches of five builds in bilingual format.

Before final approval, each batch was reviewed by our client. Our linguists were then given the chance to comment on and confirm any changes.

An issue with extracting the files the client provided – traced to a bug in the client-side platform provider’s newly updated system – was quickly resolved. Because we had in-house engineers standing by to discuss the issue throughout, the client was always fully informed and knew we were ready to respond.

What was the outcome?

Success! The two batches of five tutorials were delivered on our client’s preferred timeline.

After being reviewed and approved, our client signalled that they were completely satisfied with the localised e-learning tutorials.

We very much look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in future.

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