Urgent, large & complex financial translation

160,000 words in less than 3 days

Оur client is a well-known international Business Process Outsourcing company.

They needed a 160,000 word financial report translated from Chinese into English for an investment bank – within a rigid turnaround time of 3 working days.

Our original commitment was to handle a quarter of the volume. But when other vendors dropped out, we took on the entire project – much to our client’s relief!

What challenge did we take on?

  • Finding a team of financial translation specialists at such short notice would be the first challenge. This is an ultra-specialised field. But, luckily, one in which Asian Absolute is especially experienced.
  • The large volume of files and extremely short turnaround were also serious concerns. They would necessitate various measures to ensure the consistency and quality of translation while using multiple editors and a large team of translators.

What did we do?

To ensure consistency of the terminology in all the translated batches, we first had a translator translate all repetitious terms in the files and send them to our client for approval. The approved glossary was then shared with all the translators and editors who worked on the project.

Right from the beginning, we made it clear to our client that we would have to split the files between several translators in order to ensure the completion of the project on time.

From our extensive pool of translators and editors, we selected twelve financial subject matter specialists who had previously received excellent feedback from work in the banking sector.

We divided the source files into numerous small batches and sent them to the translators. As soon as each translator finished his or her first batch we were able to have editors start work checking the accuracy and polishing the translations.

A final check of each batch was carried out by a single editor to ensure consistency of the terminology and style. Any batch which required extra attention was thoroughly reviewed.

Which tools did we use?

In order to cope with the large volume of text we needed to translate, we used Translation Memory and terminology tools to optimise the translation workflow and avoid unnecessary repeated work.

Just to keep us on our toes, the day after approving the glossary our client requested changes to the terminology.

Thankfully, because of the terminology tool our team was using, we were able to implement the changes without difficulty.

What was the outcome?

By delivering in batches and using a pre-approved glossary we ensured our client’s peace of mind regarding the quality and consistency of the translated text. This also made it possible for her to update the instructions on terminology.

The workflow was highly efficient and instrumental in ensuring the completion of the whole project on time. The client was delighted that we managed to meet her deadline and was amazed to find that the translation was not only accurate and well-written, but consistent too.

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