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Software localisation services for developers in London and the UK

All locales. All global languages. All code languages. Make your application easy for any audience in the world to access and use. Our London and UK clients use us for software and app localisation in order to get a huge boost to their global sales and downloads.

By bringing together the technical understanding of software engineers and the linguistic expertise of world-class translators and project managers, we give you the winning combination needed for success in any market.

Because it’s not as simple as saying you now have a “Spanish” version of your app. Is that the Spanish dialect spoken in Mexico, Chile or Puerto Rico? Will potential users of your app in Hispanic America be put off by cultural references which only make sense to an audience in mainland Spain?

You need to know exactly which market you’re targeting. And have a software translation agency which knows how to hit it.

The importance of localisation in software development

If you’re not a speaker of any or many other languages, it can be easy to put off the task of localising your app for other markets. Without being able to read the Japanese version of your app, for example, it’s difficult to know whether or not you’re creating a winning user experience.

But all you need to do is compare the initial costs of developing your app with the cost of localising it for other markets to see how much of a jump in market reach you get for such little outlay.

This is all the more apparent when you consider that:

  • 50% of the countries in the Top 10 for downloads and reve-nue in the Apple Store are non-English speaking
  • 80% of the countries in the Top 5 for downloads and revenue in the Google Play Store are non-English speaking
  • 92% of the Top 25 Grossing Android apps in China are in Chinese
  • 82% of the Top 25 Grossing Android apps in Japan are in Japanese

Plus, even that little outlay can be reduced when you plan the localisation of your software or app as part of its development.

Why choose Asian Absolute?

You’ll get the advanced internationalisation of any application designed for any locale or any language.

The software localisation services we provide for our London clients have been used by some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, and provide valuable insights for smaller developers who are new to internationalisation too.

Choose between full project management or standalone services to support your in-house capabilities.

  • Your code stays safe – we practice the latest in banking-grade information security procedures. Your code will never leave our secure network while it’s being worked on.
  • More than 120 global languages – whatever market you want to target, we have a native speaker with the understanding of local culture and language required to make your launch a success.
  • Developers working in all software languages – what-ever language your software is written in – Java, C#, C++, Objective-C , Swift, PHP, Python, or any other – we’ll match you with the right localisation engineer.
  • An expert in every field – whether you’re pro-ducing software for your specific industry or a mobile game, we have a localisation specialist in the field who we’ll pair you with.
  • Incredibly rapid turnaround – with a worldwide network, we work on your project 24/7 until completion.
  • Industry-certified quality – we’re certified to the ISO 9001 quality management standard, giving you piece of mind about the quality of your completed project.


Asian Absolute helped in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

Financial Times

I was extremely impressed by Asian Absolute’s hard work to complete the project to our high standards and within a very tight timeframe.

Global Witness

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

What will your software and app localisation services include?

From our thousands of in-house and external resources, we hand-pick specialists for your particular project. These specialists will have relevant experience in the industry for which your application is intended, and a detailed understanding of the technical issues surrounding software localisation for that market.

  • Adapting language or locale-specific functionality
  • Adapting the application to meet local requirements for text encoding systems, input methods, currency and date formats
  • Translating user interface elements, including menus, hotkeys, dialog boxes, as well as reference and error messages
  • Translating Help text, documentation, and packaging
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Every care is taken to ensure that scalability is preserved, and that future upgrades and updates can be localised in the most cost-effective way.

What types of software can we localise for you?

Because of the global nature of our team, we have experts in every field. This means whether you need to localise a game for the huge Korean games market or B2B software for the ever-expanding Chinese market, we’ve got the software translation specialist that’s right for you:

  • E-commerce software
  • CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Sales Force Automation software
  • In-house software
  • Mobile application translation
  • Games and mobile games

Your software will always be translated by someone with in-depth knowledge of local cultural associations, tastes and habits.

Choosing the right language for your mobile application translation

Offering localised versions of your apps in different languages is an easy way to dramatically increase downloads and sales. But with the whole world to choose from, how do you know where to start?

For instance, you might not know that there many benefits to localisation in:

  • Cantonese, Mandarin – as in many other areas, the Chinese app market is the fastest growing. It will soon overtake the USA.
  • Korean – Korean people buy more games on Google Play than even the United States does.
  • Japanese – almost everyone in Japan uses the Internet, leading to a huge potential for app downloads.
  • French Canadian – this is a great example of when to consider other segments of the population of the market you’re targeting. The large Polish populations in the USA and UK would be other good instances of this.

Your personal project manager will always be able to offer you on-point advice, with the nature of your software borne in mind.

A word about Quality Assurance

In the software and app localisation services we deliver to our clients in London, the UK and the rest of the world, quality comes before all else.

The triple-layer quality assurance procedure we follow, which includes editing, proofreading and additional steps such as back translation and reconciliation, ensures your translated app is always 100% accurate.

Count on round-the-clock service support

24-hour support comes with your software localisation services as standard. With offices in the UK as well as on five continents worldwide, there’ll always be someone local to you who you can speak to.

Contact us now to find out more about using us or to get a free quote without obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my translation cost?

The long answer is that your translation cost will vary depending on things like the volume of material you need to have translated, your target language/s as well as several other important factors.

The short answer is that it’s always best to get in touch for a free quote. There’s no fee or obligation – and you can get a clearly costed price breakdown of your specific project so you know exactly where you stand.

Do you offer discounts for volume?

If you often find yourself in need of professional translation services, we may be able to offer you special rates. These will be based on the amount of work and level of partnership you have in mind.

We do this for numerous regular clients around the world, ensuring a cost-effective solution for each client’s unique requirements.

How do I pay for my translation services?

We accept domestic and international bank transfers, most major credit and debit cards and PayPal payments from both private individuals and companies. Just let us know how you prefer to pay and we will be happy to suggest a method which is convenient for you.

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