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Voice-over and dubbing services for the UK and beyond

Localise everything from your latest staff training video to blockbuster films. Our voice-over and dubbing services make it easy for you to source the talent and expertise you need anywhere in the UK and around the world.

Tell us about the scope of your project. We help you tell powerful stories – as well as maximise the value of video as an educational tool and your earnings potential.

Our experts can localise any size of file for any purpose you might have in mind:

From cost-effective media designed to be deployed via YouTube or other video-sharing platforms. Right through to entire feature films for distribution via DVD or other physical formats.

Why use Asian Absolute?

Creating your voice-over or dubbed content has never been simpler. With us, you will always be able to count on:

  • Voice talents matched with your project: we can pair you with locally famous names or provide cost-effective options. Whichever meets your project’s needs.
  • The perfect timbre, style, age, gender or accent: what does your project or role call for? We have a huge catalogue of vocal talent. We’ll search it to find the ideal match for you.
  • More than 121 languages covered: use us to source voice-over artists for almost any language or dialect you might want to target.
  • ISO:9001-certified services: we meet the highest international level of quality management expertise. Not to mention being members of the UK ATC and Elia.
  • An award-winning project management team: sees your project to completion, whether you need to source vocal talent alone – or you need an all-in-one voice-over or dubbing solution.


Asian Absolute helped FTChinese.com in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

Financial Times

I was extremely impressed by Asian Absolute’s hard work to complete the project to our high standards and within a very tight timeframe.

Global Witness

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

Professional dubbing and voice-over artists for any UK project

Your voice-over or dubbing project will always be matched with the right trained vocal talent for the job. You can opt for:

  • Local talent at varying rates to suit the scope of your project
  • Well-known local celebrities, actors and radio presenters
  • Cost-effective options such as drama students

All-in-one solutions

Get voice-over and dubbing services which are matched to the needs of your project in the UK or anywhere in the world. You can choose to:

  • Outsource the entire process – we can provide voice directors and book studios as well as handling the post-processing and integration with video.
  • Source the voice-over artists only – we arrange the right vocal talent to attend a studio session that you have arranged.

Voice-over vs dubbing – the differences

Though they’re sometimes thought of as essentially the same thing, voice-overs and dubbing are actually quite different.
Which do you need for your project?


Voice-overs are most suitable for: documentaries, news broadcasts, e-learning courses and training or instructional videos.

A voice-over is generally performed by a single actor. They record the properly localised version of your original content. Then the audio track will usually be put in place over the original audio.

This is most often done while allowing for a second or two’s delay between the original file and the voice-over content. The original audio is generally still audible at a reduced volume. But it can be eliminated altogether when desired.


Dubbing is most suitable for: feature films and television shows.

Dubbing sees an entire cast of voice actors acting out the scene, putting as much emotion and expression into the recording as there is in the original sound file.

This requires a considerable amount of talent to do effectively, as the emotions and the expressions used must click with the local target audience in the same way as the original performance would have.

Dubbed content will usually replace the original audio in its entirety.


Subtitling is most suitable for: videos of all kinds, films and animation.

Subtitles often need to be produced for videos in addition to dubbing or subtitling. You might also, depending on the market and the purpose of your video, decide on subtitling services alone.

Maximise the quality you receive

You’ll almost certainly have watched a badly dubbed video at some point. So you’ll know just how frustrating poor quality can be to an audience fluent in the target language. That’s why we make sure you can:

  • Get professional script translation – if you don’t have a professionally translated script already, we can create one for you. This avoids wasting expensive studio time on fixing translation errors.
  • Count on native Quality Assurance – the experts who check your new audio will be native speakers of your target language. They are ideally positioned to ensure your audio is error-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dubbing?

Dubbing involves adding a new audio track to already existing video content.

Dubbing involves adding a new audio track to already existing video content. The goal with dubbing and voice-overs is to make content accessible to people who speak languages other than that used in the original recording.

What are the different types of dubbing?

Dubbing tends to fall into one of two categories:

  1. Voice-overs – picture a sports star speaking into the camera. They speak their native language. But a moment after they begin, the audio drops down and a translated audio rises. You can still hear the original audio in the background. That’s a voice-over.1. Voice-overs – picture a sports star speaking into the camera. They speak their native language. But a moment after they begin, the audio drops down and a translated audio rises. You can still hear the original audio in the background. That’s a voice-over.
  2. Dubbing – dubbed audio replaces the original entirely. The goal is often to make it appear that the original visual performer is actually speaking these new lines. In these cases, this is sometimes referred to as lip-synced dubbing
How long does dubbing take to produce?

A good rule of thumb is that it takes around one hour of actual studio time to record five minutes of voice-over. For lip-synced dubbing, more studio time is likely to be required.

There will also then be additional time needed for things like audio cleaning and equalisation. If you need a more exact estimate for your project, feel free to get in touch with us and tell us what you need to produce.

How can I be sure my translated script is suitable for dubbing?

Dubbing does require a slightly different type of translation by comparison with other projects.

For lip-syncing, word choice may have to change a great deal to accommodate different mouth movements (such as clearly visible M or Q sounds) and the exact length of the speech in syllables.

Even for off-camera narration, a direct translation is unlikely to convey the same feeling as the original. It might not even match what is transpiring on the screen at the time.

For these reasons, we offer expert script transcription and translation services to ensure you’re not wasting studio time.

How do I choose the right voice talent?

We have an extensive pool of vocal talent for you to choose from.

You can listen to samples on request and always rely on us to locate the right performer for your budget, the role and any other project aims you might have.

What formats do you work in?

We work in all main file formats, including MP3, WAV and AIFF.

How much will my dubbing or voice-over cost?

We can use even a non-final script or the length of your existing audio files to provide you with an approximate estimate.

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